I need a help regarding brave beta for android

I have not received my april payout for brave beta for android. I was owed 33 bat as balance which I was supposed to get for brave beta for android. I have also updated to the latest version - 1.8.111 about 4 days ago. Anyone from the brave team please help me out. Now no claim button also and also nothing to in earned rewards. Please help.
Here are some screenshots of my issues.

It showed like 33 bat instead of 9. But now there is no blance left . Please help.

Waiting for the new version for Beta on Android is the only thing that I can suggest for now.

Will do surely wait and see what happens.

Brave 1.8.112 has been released; you should now see it in the Play Store. Please upgrade, and leave the browser open for about 10 minutes. If your balance has not been restored, let us know. Thank you!

Sir updated to 1.9.69 from github repo but nothing in balance even after staying in the browser for 20 minutes. Please help.

@Sdsahu101 1.9.69 is an unfinished, beta build of Brave. Please be careful when installing APKs, as they could result in permanent data-loss. The bug you’re facing has not yet been patched; we’re in the process of collecting information so as to formulate an appropriate and sufficient response.

Ok waiting sir for more information and I would like to add that the new beta is now on play store also.

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