New 1.10 iOS release hides bookmarks

I am not pleased with the way version 1.10 of the iOS browser handles bookmarks. You now need to tap on “…” and then a menu pops up in which you have to select the third item. Way too cumbersome if you use bookmarks a lot. Please bring back the previous setup (at least as an optional in settings).


I agree. The new way of handling the bookmarks is cumbersome and counter-intuitive.
Also, with this new way of accessing the bookmarks you no longer have the ability to see whether you have already bookmarked a page. Please bring back this feature, I found it extremely useful.

Agree that it adds an unnecessary extra step. I’d rather Brave took a similar direction to the Firefox focus app and allowed for URL autocomplete for all bookmarks. For me this is far and away the quickest way to get to my favourite sites.


Removing the ‘hamburger’ menu that provided direct access and forcing users to access bookmarks via the ellipsis menu is not a trivial thing and almost ranks as offensive.

The Bookmarks Bar also appears to have been removed, no reference to it in Settings or when saving bookmarks, as there used to be.

Sure, screen real estate is subject to competing demands but usability surely trumps everything; failing to provide direct access to bookmarks must rank as THE most critical usability feature of every browser.

The sole purpose of a browser is to BROWSE. Providing the most direct and easy access to previously visited and personal interest sites is surely the most important usability feature of them all!!!

Please bring back both these features.

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Thanks for all of your feedback. There are more community discussions over here too.

We are current reevaluating this and your thoughts on solutions are most welcome. The primary motivation for this change, was that we had two main menus in the old menu, and wanted to condense into one master menu.

Brave on iOS has a lot fo primary buttons / icons, more than almost any other browser, so we are hoping to find creative ways to solve this. We genuinely care about your feedback, so thank you for taking the time to write on here.

@anon1255531 Feedback appreciated. But if you use bookmarks a lot, the current solution is really annoying. If anything, give people the option to have a bookmark menu icon next to the address bar.

Thanks y’all for the feedback, we have decided to enable an option to allow users a bookmark button next to the address bar on the top, as you suggest @vdb.

More info here:

Thank you! Looking forward to the update.

Today’s update addresses this issue. Thanks for listening and taking our feedback into account.

For a future release: the iOS browser has now both a tabs bar option and a little numeric icon on the top right indicating how many tabs are open. This icon cannot be toggled ON or OFF in the settings. If the user has the tabs bar option “ON”, and sees 4 tabs, the numeric icon “4” is really redundant. I suggest to make it optional, or even turn it off if the tabs bar option is “ON”.

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