Bookmarks on the left hand side

Where has the bookmarks option on the left hand side gone to?
It now appears under the «OPTIONS» = … 3 dots
Running Brave Version 1.10 (
Device iPad Pro 9.7 Inch (iOS 12.3.1)


Same question here. Most annoying…

On iOS iPad and iPhone, the Bookmarks “hamburger” icon is missing AND the Bookmarks Bar is missing.

There appears to be no way to access bookmarks except via the … ellipsis menu and to do that requires extra steps.

There does not seem to be any reference at all to the missing Bookmarks Bar in Settings or when editing bookmarks, the previous option to save bookmarks to the Bookmark Bar is no longer present.

And the result is TERRIBLE.

No direct, simple access to bookmarks AND removal of the bookmarks bar is an amazingly backward step, surely it cannot be a deliberate decision and yet the evidence points to it.

I desperately hope I’m mistaken and simply overlooked a way to restore those features.


Same issue. Can’t make new bookmarks either.

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Me too. This worked until within a week ago. Was a new app version deployed? Please restore the ability to more easily select bookmarks.

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Same issue - iPad Air and Brave 1.10

Going to Settings, Bookmarks, then selecting a saved bookmark just to switch sites…for me, will severely reduce me using Brave.


In general if you want quick access to websites, it’s better to add them to your home screen/new tab page. You can do it the same as adding a bookmark, but need to select Favorites location.

You can long press on favorites to reorder and edit/delete them, and can replace the preloaded ones with the ones you prefer.

All access to Bookmarks is now through the three-dot menu in top right.
Bookmark option shows a list of bookmarks, where you can edit/delete them

To add a bookmark you have to tap on 3-dot menu->Add to and choose your preferred location

There is some positive and negative feedback regarding this change. We consider adding a quick links on new tab page, please look at screenshot in this issue to see what’s the idea

We are monitoring opinions about this design change and your feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your reply. Can you point me to how to enable Favorites? I can not find the Favorites option in Settings. When I create a new tab, there are no websites listed, only the timed saved and other Brave stats at the page top.

Also, do you know how to enable the Home button? Also not in Settings.

Looking at the Github image, I agree with the usefulness of including Bookmarks in the list.

Thank you!

Not a big fan of the new look for ios. In addition, when I try to touch the 3-dot menu on my iPad, I have to tap multiple times to get it to work!

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we have a fix to increase tap area for all buttons on the address bar, unfortunately our QA team didn’t catch that

@DL21, this is what default new tab page should look like

However for some users these favorites were not pre-filled due to some bug.

To add a Favorite website you have to:

  1. Visit that website
  2. Tab on three-dot menu, choose Add to.. option
  3. Tap on Location, and selectFavorites`
  4. Tap on Save

After that the website will show on your home screen.

If you have nothing there you can just there add all website you like.
To reorder favorites, long press on a favorite bookmark and drag it where you like.

All of this is done via the three-dot menu, you do not have to go to app settings

Please let me know if you have more questions


Thank you, very helpful. I now have sites listed when I open a new tab and can long press to rearrange them.

FYI - On my iPad, to access the add-to Favorites option you have to first select the Bookmarks folder under the Location area. Once Bookmarks is selected you will then see New Folder and Favorites listed.

Hopefully a new release will be coming soon for iOS that includes the Home button.

Hi, I noticed on your New Tab screenshot that you have menu options on the bottom: the plus sign, tab count, and ellipse.

Do you know how I can enable these? When I open a New Tab there is nothing displayed below the Favorite icons.

Thank you.

Is it because your keyboard is showing? You can scroll up, on tap on Cancel button next to address bar to dismiss it

And bottom toolbar is available on iPhones only, on iPad all buttons are on the address bar

Thanks again, very helpful. Yes the buttons appear on the address bar on my iPad. I was thinking, having them located on the bottom of the New Tab page would improve usability for me.

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Michael, I appreciate Brave, but that’s poor design to have that sort of rigamarole necessary to add a favorite. It takes 5 clicks when it should two, and it’s not intuitive at all. I would have never found the Favorite button if you hadn’t explained this and it’s the kind of thing I’ll forget within 2 days.

How about one tap way to add a favorite or bookmark right from the web page, and then a maximum two tap way to go there? (I personally prefer bookmarks to favorites).


Very much disagree “it’s better to add them [bookmarks] to your home screen/new tab page.”

Better for me is for me to decide. You took away my preference. I have too many bookmarks to fit on the home page.

Until you took away a great feature, Brave was unique in the Browser world. No one has as good of access to bookmarks as did Brave…until you downgraded your own browser and made it just as clunky as all the others.

Please bring back the former bookmark list in the upper left corner. At lease give users a choice!

I’ve used Brave as soon as it came out. Today, I’ve started looking for another browser.

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I very much disagree too. Thank you for taking the time to offer an alternative but it’s a hopeless and totally inadequate alternative.

I agree fully with cpub about giving the user the choice.

If there is both positive and negative feedback why impose your choice and dismiss the needs of one set of your users? Why not offer a choice in settings? The code was there, you gave us a feature we valued and now you just take it away?

As you can tell from my tone I’m really really upset. I’m a web developer and a very long term web user and I keep many carefully categorised bookmarks and you expect me to trawl through a bunch of sub menus every time I need to access something that is necessary for me to earn my bread and butter. Especially on iPad where there is bags of space!!!

For goodness sake, your users aren’t all Youtube and Instagram playarounders, presumably you’ve got thousands of people who need quick access to their data.

I really value Brave for all the good reasons you guys are building it, I suspect that many of your users who don’t value what you do or appreciate the true benefits of using Brave won’t take the trouble to give you feedback they will simply vote with their feet and dump Brave and go back to what they were using before or try one of the very many alternatives. And they will tell others.

And so will I. And I’ve brought dozens of people to Brave, I’ve evangelised it to my friends, on blogs and in every way I was able to.

For me it’s absolutely a show stopper, there is no way whatsoever I can continue to use Brave on my ios devices and that makes me very very upset. I really want to keep doing so but seriously guys, you should be totally ashamed at imposing such a shortsighted and high-handed decision in removing a mainstay of your feature set.

Desperately, Phil.

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Thanks for your detailed feedback everyone.
I agree that on iPad there’s definitely enough space for few more buttons.

On iPhone however it’s harder, later this year Brave Rewards button will show up next to the Shields button, that was one of reasons why we had to reorganize menu items.

I’m going to pass this topic to the design team


James from product design here. Thank you all for taking the time to post your thoughts and ideas into the Brave community. Your feedback is both helpful and insightful. We realize one-size does not fit all, and are actively exploring a few different solutions:

  1. Bookmarks access directly from the New Tab page. One-tap and all of your bookmarks would be shown.

  2. On iPad, we are looking for ways to utilize the extra space for a bookmarks side-panel. This panel could be activated from the address bar and present bookmarks and history.

  3. We could create two add buttons instead of one, from the more menu: Add Bookmark, and Add to Favorites.

One question for @joshi @cpub @perite, do you typically launch a new tab before opening a bookmark, or replace the existing tab?

Thank you,


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Hi James.

Thanks for the info.

Regarding Item 1:

Here’s what I see when I create a new tab.

I never did like how Safari and Firefox populated the home page with suggested and recent websites. I much rather prefer to self organize.

Now if the BMs by folders were listed like a file explorer, that would be helpful.

Regarding Item 2:

I don’t have an iPad, but your thought sounds good.

Regarding Item 3:

With the bookmarks at the top left I can hold the phone in my left hand and access BMs with my thumb.

Regarding the question if I typically open a new tab before opening a BM:

No. But, If I’m reading a webpage and see a link I want to read later, then I will open in a new tab. I appreciate the option to open in the background.

Regarding using BMs:

I have a lot of BMs and use folders to organize them. Typically I will open a BM, read what I want, then open another BM in the same folder and repeat that going to the same folder each time.

In previous Brave versions when you accessed BMs and open a folder and click a BM and then accessing the BMs again, it would open to the same folder. Saves a lot of clicks. I really do miss that feature. I could see making this a user option to either open BMs at the top level or in last folder accessed.

Y’all have a good day.


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