Make add a bookmark just simple

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Hi everyone,
The UI for the bookmarks is just so bad yet on iOS…;
The bookmark button next to the URL just don’t allow to create a bookmark. You can see them, sort them in folders but you simply can’t add a new bookmark.
To do so, as there is no star icon on the url bar, you need to open the menu and then look down enough to see a Duplicated <bookmark menu.
If you stop here, you will never see the Add bookmark CTA hidden as a menu item 2 spots below.
A few questions here :

  • Why hide the Add bookmark there? Could we at least display it before or next to the a bookmark item in the menu?
  • Could you please add a star or a 1-click add a bookmark button in the interface?

It would be awesome to improve this!

Have a great day !

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Agree with this. Opening the Bookmark pane on the main window should allow for adding and editing bookmarks.

Also, it would be nice if the last bookmark folder you accessed in this pane ie Desktop bookmarks, was remembered when you next access the pane.

Otherwise there’s too many extra clicks involved for something that’s supposed to be simple and quick.