Never Received My December Reward - rewards/ads stopped

I never recieved my December Reward to my Gemini wallet. I posted twice about my problem and @steeven replied and wanted me to DM some of my personal info (Wallet & OS, etc) to him. I DM all the info that he wanted 7 days ago.

But up until now there has been no reaction at all, no reward paid out, no solutions.

My rewards stopped going up and ads have stopped.
My post changed to unlisted right after I DM to one of the MODs @steeven

Plus,three strange things happened right after I sent a DM to MOD

#1 - My posts changed to unlisted.
#2 - My post doesn’t accept reply any more.
#3 - Ads completely stopped and reward completely stop going up on my PC. That means I never got any ads for past 11 days

Is it just a coincidence?
Or has Brave/the MOD put my account on hold to get the work done?
Or is it a normal happening when users post their problems?
Or did Brave just terminate my account?

According to the Brave Forums, posts should stay up a month after the last reply, however the post I initially made was gone/unlisted after a week.

Should Brave/MODs be allowed to close/unlist posts that haven’t been resolved?

Does anybody have any answers or experiences like mine?

I really don’t understand what Brave wants from it’s users. Just watch all the ads that pop up on screen and get whatever rewards whenever they decide to pay out?

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