Brave rewards from December gone

In December I accumulated about 3 BAT tokens in ad rewards.

This being my first month as a Brave user, I was so excited to see my BAT deposited into my wallet.

I have the Brave Wallet setup and I took the extra step to link it to my Gemini account. I went through the full account creation process with Gemini and I’m certain my Gemini account is active.

I patiently waited for the deposit, then all of a sudden my December rewards went to 0. I checked the statements and everything I could find in Brave… no record of my rewards earnings or payout anywhere.

It’s like my rewards just vanished.

I’ve taken a screenshot of my January rewards so I have something to show next month when this happens.

I was going to submit a support request, but the support page for Brave directs me to this community. I’m not sure this is something that can be resolved by the community. Does Brave have direct support?

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Didn’t get my Dec reward either. I checked the Statements on the Brave browser and it’s completely blank.


This never got answered and I had the same issue in Janurary.

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