No Payout for December, January

I have not received a BAT payout for December, and it has been January already, I understand for January it will take time but for December it has been more than a month. If the payouts are processing then at least there should be a status to let the user know about it

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For me the same problem

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Are you using the brave wallet or gemini/custodial account to receive your BAT?

I am using uphold as my wallet

Look at the pinned post, Uphold payments are pending

It is the same every month - there is no problem…payouts usually arrive on the 9th of each month. Please try reading before making posts saying there’s a problem. Its literally the same every single month and there’s tons and tons of posts of the same damn thing.

Look at the top of this page - see how it says rewards payment status? Put your finger on it and move your finger up to scroll down.

Thank you for replying like a complete jerk, do you not have any other things to do apart from going on other people’s post and being a total jackass. I didn’t receive a payout for December, maybe you didn’t read that part in the post.

I have got the same problem. The December rewards just disappeared.
Let me know what is going on…