Need popup “ask” each time for `Web3 provider for using Dapps` of Brave Browser

Hi, as i mentioned(@Mattches), I was suggested to post the request here:

The request is about: Web3 provider for using Dapps function of Brave Browser

  • Four options for the drop down menu: Ask , None , Crypto Wallets , and MetaMask if it is installed
  • My request is about Ask
    • I both use Crypto Wallets and MetaMask
    • When I select Ask, brave current mechanism is using the intended behavior – the browser will default to the method you select when initially asked, which means I need manually switch the option in settings each time if I want use alternative one, which brings me much inconvenience.

What I need

  • I need popup “ask” each time by the infobar highlighted in the Objective section

Why request

  • it’s quick common to use both metamask & cryptowallet, each wallet has its own purpose, it’s quite inconvenient to manually switch the option in settings.
  • Besides, current intended behavior mechanism based on initially asked, in fact I think it’s not reasonable, at least several times asked are needed to evaluate the intention.


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Thanks for the detailed request :slight_smile:

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Github issue filed here :+1:

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@Mattches Thank you.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile: