Need Brave Portable (No Setup)

I was wondering if there was a folder with a brave.exe that allowed me to download brave and run it without installing it on Windows 10. I can run Tor without installing it on my computer, but Brave requires a setup. This allows other people using my computer to uninstall brave and delete it.

I am looking for a solution that fits these conditions.

  • No Administrator Rights
  • No Installation
  • Windows 10
  • Portable

The reason I want to use Brave instead of Tor is because it’s faster and Tor doesn’t render the Gitpod terminal well.

Brave is open source, you would have taken less times checking their github than making a post and waiting for an answer.

There is a Zipped version in the list on every release like:

Then you create a shortcut or a bat file with brave.exe --user-data-dir="User Data" or name it whatever you want where your profile will exist, next to the brave.exe if not the files will go to User Data in the localappdata brave folder like an installed browser.

Also, it is called Standalone, not portable, because the User Data is linked to your computer, if you open the files in another computer, your passwords and cookies and your extensions will not appear installed. But the same --user-data-dir is used by Vivaldi or Opera that have standalone versions, so it is nothing new, they just do it automatically.

I really don’t get why you let people use your same account in your computer, to be worried about having it uninstalled, you should create multiple users for other people, and then Brave and many programs can be installed WITHOUT admin rights and only be installed per-user, which means they are placed in your your local userdata, which means nobody outside your account should be able to uninstall it, only if they have admin rights which nobody should have anyway even if Windows gives it to everyone by default.

But anyway, that’s the zipped file you wanted, so, good luck!.

Thanks for the reply.
I checked GitHub yesterday and found the zip file. Extracting the files worked fine. I just renamed brave.exe to something else to unblock it. I don’t really “own” my computer. That’s why I can’t manage users on the device. However, I appreciate your helpful response.

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