Portable version of Brave

I just joined to see if there are any new developments for a portable version of Brave. In my search of this community, there does not seem to be anything definite.

Can we expect a portable version anytime soon?


I totally agree. Many users prefer portable versions of software and sometimes it really may be more useful than installed one. But many popular apps still don’t have a portable version. Why not? What if I just want to try the browser without installation? For example, I can choose stand-alone installation for Opera and Vivaldi, or I can just download ZIP-archive for Maxthon. But many people need portable version, because sometimes they just cannot install something on PC.

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Hi @romeroom,

Thanks for writing in and for the request! We do not currently have plans for a portable version but I will pass this along to the team.

So do the developers read these posts and respond?

Hi Steeven,
If Brave is serious about a portable version there is an open offer to create one.
His only stipulation was this “if the publisher is interested in having an official portable version”.
Specifically here was his offer: “All that said, if the Brave devs want an official portable version and asked us to do one that they’d also make available to their users, I’d still do it. But I have no interest in maintaining an unofficial version.”

So if you give your permission and offer to make it available he will make it for you.
Is this acceptable?

NOTE: Repost: Make Brave Portable
& https://portableapps.com/comment/230697#comment-230697

Apologies in advance for my poor English. Hi, I would like to get a portable version of the browser. Now at work I have to use Opera from a USB flash drive because of this, although I like Brave more

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