My uphold and brave browser is connected but the balance of browser can't be seen in uphold

The payouts hadn’t started at that time… Is it still the same?

See the problem here in the videp i attached.
There is around 26 Bat in the brave wallet and i started using brave wallet since November and haven’t withdrawal yet.
I connected uphold few days ago but balance can’t be shown in uphold as what is in brave browser.
Please help please.

record-2021-07-13-19-41-15-e4424258c8b8649f6e67d283a50a2cbc_ZxE5uALi.mp4 (724 KB)

Check the video you will understand my problem

record-2021-07-13-19-41-15-e4424258c8b8649f6e67d283a50a2cbc_ZxE5uALi.mp4 (724 KB)

OMG thats a lot of BATs…
Hmm one thing you can do is Create a Creators account like this: Link

I too face the same problem, but I just donate it to myself using the above link…

You too can apply for it from here: Brave Creators-Sign Up
If you need any help regarding it, Just reply to this message and I will look into it

And BTW that’s mostly because of the “Maximum Limit” thing… I face that same issue

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