My old BAT is gone after updating the browser

I just updated the browser on my Macbook and Mac Mini and now my wallet shows 0 BAT. But I already earned BAT before since I am using the browser for years. Where did the BAT go and how can I recover it?

Did you have vBAT ( Not connected to Uphold / Gemini ) ?
If you were connected to Uphold / Gemini, then all BATs should be there. If not, then its weird that your BATs are lost. @Evan123 could you look into this ? Thanks!

If you were NOT connected to a custodial wallet(gemini,uphold ), and you had your device updated automatically, then you just found the trick that brave offers to users that are unable to redeem their earnings.

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@mori-no-giant Not sure where you’re looking. Keep in mind that vBAT ended earlier this year, so if you’re looking there you won’t see anything.

Any vBAT in the browser should still be visible in your brave://rewards location or at brave://rewards-internals. However, if you don’t get it connected to a custodial account, then it may not be much longer before it’s gone. We’re still waiting to hear official last date for when vBAT is going away completely.

It’s possible that the update caused a temporary issue with displaying your BAT balance. You can try restarting the browser or logging out and logging back into your Brave Rewards account to see if it resolves the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you can try restoring your wallet using your recovery key if you have one. If you don’t have a recovery key, you can direct contact Brave Support for further assistance in recovering your BAT balance.

Hey, I hope you do know Brave rewards and brave wallet is different. Brave rewards are connected only to a custodian wallet like Uphold / Gemini and not to a self custodial wallet.

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