My monthly reward got disappeared when I logged into the Gemini wallet

I claimed BAT for the month of march and after that I verified my Gemini account. And as soon as I verified my account all the BAT that I claimed for the month of march got disappear. Or in other words all the BAT got disappeared and now it is showing 0.00 BAT in my wallet. And also the BAT for the month of march isn’t showing up in the Gemini wallet.
When I clicked the view statement in brave rewards settings their it is showing the march’s BAT I receive.
Please help.


Same thing happened to me. I received rewards, log in to my Gemini account and BATs disappeared from browser balance and don’t show up on Gemini.

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Same here. And gemini wallet was already verified a few months ago… Hope they will show up later. I see in the rewards update overvieuw on this site mentioned: payments processing… so there is still hope :wink: :laughing:

Same man, even though my account has been verified for long. I just logged in and see them disappear from everywhere.

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If you received less BAT than expected please notes that All payouts to verified wallets are still processing. Payments to verified wallets and claims for unverified wallets will continue to process through next week. Thank you for your patience.

For updates you can follow the Banner topic Ads Payout Status Update.


We didn’t receive less BAT. For us it just disappeared from the rewards section as well as its not their in the Gemini wallet as soon as we logged into the Gemini account.

This is not the case. We can see the BAT received at promotions as collected But at the Account, you can not see the claimed reward. It seems that it vanished. There is no BAT at Gemini account, either. I waited two days and disconnected Gemini account. Maybe I can get back the Bat into account and I can link another account to it.

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We are actively working to ensure that each user receives the correct amount of BAT for the April payout. If you have received less BAT than expected this month, please note that payments to verified wallets and claims for unverified wallets will continue to process through next week. Thank you for your patience as we work to complete your payments.

To ensure that future payouts go more smoothly, we will be investing additional time and resources into improving tooling and communication around the payout process. We thank you for your patience and continued support of Brave Rewards.

Please follow this thread for further updates regarding April payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

I have the same problem.

It’s not about less BAT being received. Read what we’re writing. “After verifying the Gemine account, all previously earned BAT are gone.” In my case, almost 6 BAT gains in 8 months are gone.

Fortunately, as I was writing this message, the BATs returned to my browser. It was just a scare.

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Thank you @steeven for your time. I received my BAT yesterday.

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