Got April reward but it vanished like last month

i just got reward but it was in claim button even if the gemini was connected but i claimed it it showed for few seconds and then it vanished and took .50 bat from gemini also. what is going on it has happened again it happened last month also

can you try going to rewards settings site and wait like 30 minutes?

same happened with me, 7ish BAT credited then poof, from gemini wallet.

Same here again, 2x on two different machines about 4 BAT per machine, disappeared after it said I could only claim 0.25BAT…
3rd month in a row I got NOTHING…

Same here.
I can see 4 bat earned but they are not on gemini nor on my brave bat summary.
What shall i do?

I have two PCs linked to a Gemini account. Yesterday I claimed rewards for both, but for one rewards have disappeared today. I opened brave://rewards-internals and the log shows only one reward was processed.

EDIT: apparently second reward arrived after a while - nevermind.

I have the local BAT wallet, received a 1xBAT from April, and as others wrote, it disappeared. what am I doing wrong?

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It’s says your reward on the way and today it is disappear.

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