Wallet Assets Disappeared

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Brave Version (check About Brave): Android

Additional Information: I purchased bitcoin yesterday and when I tried to transfer, it gave me an error three times. It stated that the transfer was unapproved. The browser kept glitching (just shutting down in the middle of transactions). I searched for a recommendation on the internet and it said to uninstalled Brave and reinstall it. That caused all my data (favorites, wallet info, etc.) to disappear. I know my phrase and password so I recovered the wallet. It worked but the wallet is completely empty. I only have one wallet on any platform. I have the wallet address from the email where the transaction sent the funds yesterday. What happened and how can I fix this?

Hello! I’ll send you a DM to assist. Thanks!

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I still need help with this question. Evan (in private DM) is suggesting that when I added the recovery phrase, I must have created a new wallet. If so, the recovery phrase for the new wallet is the exact same as the old wallet. I wrote it down weeks ago for the old wallet and went through the “back up” process for the new wallet. Copied the recovery phrase for the new wallet and verified the order. Matches precisely with the old wallet. Do two different wallets have the exact same recovery phrases in the exact same order? If so, wouldn’t recovering wallets with this methodology be exceptionally unsuccessful? Every one would be recovering other people’s wallets. Doesn’t make sense.

In the old wallet I had multiple options for ETH and Bitcoin. In the recovered wallet, I don’t even see the possibility of purchasing ETH from different platforms. It seems like others have had this problem in the past. They were able to revert back to a previous version of the wallet and their assets were visible. How can I revert back to a previous version of the wallet?

You can revert back to the previous wallet with the recovery phrase entered in the exact same order as the original. Entering a recovery phrase in an incorrect order will not recover the previous wallet. If you entered the exact order as the previous wallet, you would see your previous accounts.

However, if you had multiple Ethereum and Bitcoin accounts on your previous wallet, you can add them back by selecting the Create Account option. For example, Ethereum Account 2 or Bitcoin Account 2, 3, etc.

ETH on different networks is supported. If you don’t have ETH on those networks it is likely not going to show as visible in your wallet.


You are not answering my question. I asked how do I revert to a different version of the wallet (UI/UX version) not “how do I recover an old wallet”.

If the recovery phrase is the same for both the original wallet and the recovered wallet (or new wallet in your mind), if I try again, which wallet would I recover? Why are the recovery phrases the same for two different wallets?

Could this be address derivation path related? I had to use a BIP39 tool when I had different ETH/SOL addresses in brave. I copied and imported the specific private key for that ETH address.

I purchased more bitcoin in the recovered wallet and it keeps doing the same thing that it did yesterday (crashes the browser when I "review the send’). I am starting to get really irritated because now we are talking about $1k in a wallet that doesn’t work.

@Justagrl just a heads up, it’s the weekend so likely going to be a few days before you hear back on anything. But in the meanwhile, I do want to circle back to something…

I think part of the disconnect here is that when you recover on Wallet, it has the crypto there but not all your settings. In other words, any custom assets you had added or anything wouldn’t initially be there and you would have to add them again. Those types of things are local.

What I see Evan trying to mention to you is that you might need to choose to “create” an account within Wallet. This isn’t actually creating anything new but would just create the placeholder for it to display what you had. This is related to the idea of you saying you had multiple Ethereum and Bitcoin options in your old Wallet.

Not sure what you keep getting there. Wallet is Wallet. If you have accounts it will show up. The only issue you’d have is if you’re using significantly old Wallet that was deprecated, in which case you’d have issues as hasn’t been in use for several years now. Main idea is you use the recovery phrase to regain your account, then you have to set things up again but all your crypto would be there. You just may not “see” the crypto until assets are made visible and you recreate the accounts in the accounts page of Wallet, such as below:

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Thanks. It was a really old wallet that I had not previously used for a couple years. I think what I was trying to say is that there were networks for ETH and BITCOIN available that are not currently available. I do think I need to use the deprecated version but first I would need to solve the crash problem and move the new BITCOIN so I don’t lose that by going back. With regard to the two wallets having the same recovery phrases, while it was an old account, the banner came up to backup the account and I started going through the process which displayed the 12 word recovery phrase. It was completely new as I had never previously had any sort of recovery phrase. I never finished the process on the old wallet but they are the same for the recovered wallet which is why I think it just means that I am not seeing the networks from the deprecated version. I did add a new account but that didn’t do anything beyond create a new account with a different deposit address and $0 balance.

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In regards to this, want to make sure of two things.

  1. If you’re speaking of this, are you speaking of assets or actual networks? Essentially wanting to make sure you are aware of Visible Assets: Activating or Adding to Brave Wallet?

  2. And if indeed meant networks and they aren’t visible, have you gone into Brave’s SettingsWeb3Wallet Networks and made sure they are enabled? It would be like below:

And of course you can click to add some yourself if it doesn’t show:

Anyway, just trying to make sure info is there in case missed. In the meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for Mattches and/or Evan to check into things like your crash reports you shared over at Can't send BTC from Brave Wallet - #5 by Justagrl and to see what else they can help with.

Again, I know I may not be much help at all, but just wanted to try my best in case I might guide you along somehow toward a solution while we wait for Support to get back to you.

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Oh, and for what it’s worth, wanted to share link to Binance Pegged SHIBA INU wont show - #18 by kdenhartog and suggest you look. I wonder if changing RPC might help make a difference on anything with assets not showing.

I’m providing instructions from Desktop, wasn’t thinking about you using Android. But I think everything still works similarly. At least worth a shot in mentioning.

@Justagrl feel free to tag me as well if you have questions. As long as you have your seed phrase and/or private key associated with the account you’ll have the crypto we just need to get the wallet to recognize the right addresses so you can use it.

A few questions for you to start:

  1. Which wallet did you originally create all of your accounts with and about what timeframe did you do that?

  2. Do you have a backup of all the keys and/or seed phrases to recover if we need you to?

  3. Which wallet addresses are you not seeing in your wallet currently that you’d like to be?

Also, if you believe just reverting back to an old version will help, here’s a link to all of our releases: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases

You should be able to side load an old version on if you need. LMK if you need assistance on how to do that with a specific version you’d like to side load.

The other option worth trying is to recover the wallet in Brave Nightly Android instead.

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  1. Which wallet did you originally create all of your accounts with and about what timeframe did you do that?

I don’t know how to say “which” wallet other than to say Brave Wallet that was established (or at least last used) in 2022. I had not used it since. There was about $2.61 in ETH remaining.

A couple weeks ago I got the banner that said I could backup my wallet and I got to the 12 seed phrases and wrote them down but never finished the process.

On May 30th I bought $499 BTC sent to wallet: bc1q8z66ldfh3xdkfs2zytxa66detfffe90v4fxumm

I tried to send it out but the site kept crashing. I googled options and it recommend uninstalling the brave app and re-installing. All of my favorites, etc. were lost. I logged back in and can see that I still have the same seed phrases but the ~$2 in ETH that was there from 2022 and ~$499 in BTC that I recently purchased was not visible.

On May 31st I purchased ~$510 in BTC that is still visible but I cannot send because it crashes the app.

  1. Do you have a backup of all the keys and/or seed phrases to recover if we need you to?


  1. Which wallet addresses are you not seeing in your wallet currently that you’d like to be?

The ETH is not really an issue worth pursuing.

BTC: bc1q8z66ldfh3xdkfs2zytxa66detfffe90v4fxumm


Downloading Brave Nightly for Android worked to allow me to send BTC without crashing. Thanks!

With regard to “You should be able to side load an old version on if you need. LMK if you need assistance on how to do that with a specific version you’d like to side load” … I do need assistance. Can you provide instructions for side loading version 1.39.50 for android?