Estimated pending rewards disapperared (Any support here)

When I’m open my brave browser, it turns out my brave rewards was turn off then
when I turn on the brave rewards then suddenly my estimated pending rewards which is 10+ or 11 BAT has been gone. I already try to restart my laptop but nothing happened.

Brave Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Then when i turn on the brave rewards my Wallet created is the date today [screenshot removed]

Any support online?

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This bug (problem) started after brave released version 1.18.70 now only @sampson can help you

So please contact @sampson

ok thanks in your reply :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me a bit more about the system (OS, version, any software—such as anti-virus/cleaner—which may modify/remove files)? A screenshot of brave://version would be helpful too. I look forward to assisting further, @MyAenan.

@sampson - This is my screenshot of brave://version
My antivirus is avast but it was disabled always and i never used it.

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i got this problem too. Windows crashed, then same with OP. Pending reward gone & uphold logged out, but ads counter still there

I had the same issue, but on android. Estimated earnings of almost 14 bat this month and this morning now less than one

Brave 1.17.75 - Linux Ubuntu 20.04 - Pas d’antivirus

Bonsoir Sampson
Hier j’étais à un peu plus de 8 bats.
Ce matin je me connecte et je suis à 0.590 bats.
Je n’ai pas fait de retrait, ni activé l’option auto-contribuer.
Je peux vous envoyer une copie de mon Historique des publicités des sept derniers jours. Cela fait plus que 7 jours, mais au moins ça prouve que ce n’est pas possible de n’avoir que 0.590 bats.
Je ne sais pas comment je dois faire pour “Une capture d’écran de brave://versionsur linux ?”
Pouvez-vous m’aider svp ?

Hello Mr. @sampson , I am facing a similar issue since two days. I’ve lost all the BAT that was in the Rewards. I hope you help me with the same. Im attaching a screenshot of brave://version .

Any update in my problem?

Hello Mr. @sampson, Any update to my problem?

Hello Mr. @sampson I have the same problem. I had 12+ BATs but now In the brave rewards tab I see only 0.115 BATs. This month I received 46 ads. My brave://version/ screenshot is this:

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