My creators account error 500 internal server

ı am changed the uphold connections because brave error uphold connection
ı did disconnect uphold and reconnect and ı saw internal 500 server error please help me

@onurc98 , @fabio8108

Error during login to creators account

Error 500: Internal Server Error, when I try to log in to my brave Creator account

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Feb. 24, 2022, @flynno wrote:

Update: Today I had success. I took the apostrophe out of my name when asked
@Virendra would you be able to try and if you’re asked for your name, use very plain Latin characters to see if it helps?

Error 500: Internal Server Error, when i try to log in my brave Creator account - #6 by flynno

Can you explain to me why you are always putting in your five cents trying to help, but at the same time you talk such nonsense, which makes no sense at all? I very often notice you in threads asking such nonsense questions or giving advice.
That would seem to be smart sometimes you need to be silent.
Now, why did you copy those threads? It’s not helpful. You’re doing some kind of spamming all over the forum.

Because ı am english language very bad :frowning:

21 Haz 2022 Sal 10:58 tarihinde Bananas12 via Brave Community <> şunu yazdı:

My message was not meant for you)

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ı dont understand which name latin characters

Yup me to. did all that and nothing. The thing is I am not getting ads anymore. I keep getting red flag message. Please BRAVE help us. We are helping you. We spread the word how great the browser is. You still make money off us. HELP PLEASE.

24 hour wait and it is fixed

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Sometimes a connection / Sign-In / Log-In . . . error is caused by a tiny detail, such as a single letter character within a username.

There are a variety of Character Sets, and they are in total, a very complex matter. (You might search online, using criteria: ‘ASCII character set Latin Windows Unicode’)

But in simple terms, the English letter ‘a’ may be sent from a computer that is using a certain Character Set (call it Character Set A) . . . but received by another computer (such as a website server) that is using a different Character Set (call it Character Set B).

The sender may think, “I spelled my name correctly.” (and the sender did spell correctly) . . . but the website server does not correctly perceive the ‘a’ character that was sent.

The sender is talking with Character Set A.

The receiver is talking with Character Set B.

And sometimes, the website server team believes that its server is actually prepared to receive and understand Character Set A . . . but there is some lingering, tiny setting that was missed.

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