Error 500: Internal Server Error 🤔 - for my publishers account

I have a problem with my brave publishers account… When I try to login, there was an error saying Error 500: Internal Server Error

Now, I am no longer login into my account.

Please, let me know, how to fix that!?

Is there an any support that can help me?

Same problem With me.

Did you still see the error message?

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Yes, Still facing the issue… and it’s from last 4-5 days

Hello! I get the same error. What to do? Hope this is not done purposefully?

Same problem With me help me please

Same problem Im facing for the last few days, why is that??

I’m unable to reproduce the issue – not seeing the same error message. Try clearing cache. And cc @cory @steeven for assistance here.

Hey! If anyone is experiencing this error can you DM me your email address?

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I have sent you mail.

Why is there no answer? Why did you block my access to my “creator Brave” account? I think my audience of 60 million subscribers should find out the truth. I will have to tell them as soon as they bring new users to Brave their account will be banned.

Please check your message… Not received any reply

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I also sent a message! But there is no answer.

Nothing changed. I can’t log into my account for 4 days.

Just checked. Does not work. What to do? Error 500!

Is it common here in Brave Community. We never get any reply or confirmation from community moderator or admin?

It is really disappointed that we never gt any reply solution from brave community or i think it’s a bad idea to waste time on brave browser.

Thanks for the “No” solution

@cory @eljuno @steeven

I sent a message, please help

still facing the same issue even after clearing the cache and used an entirely different network and still the same issue

I have sent you email. Please check