Error 500: Internal Server Error, when i try to log in my brave Creator account

Error 500: Internal Server Error, when I try to log in to my brave Creator account.
first, I try to log in it shows me 502 Cl

oudFront error and now it is showing me, Error 500: Internal Server Error

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Yes. Same Problem here.

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Same here.

Same. I’ve just created a Creators account, received the email, followed link, set my full name, then 500 error.
My surname has an apostrophe - in case that being unescaped is causing an issue. It was on a different site where their code bounded strings in single quotes.

Update: Today I had success. I took the apostrophe out of my name when asked
@Virendra would you be able to try and if you’re asked for your name, use very plain Latin characters to see if it helps?

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