Error 500: Internal Server Error 🤔 for my publishers account

I have a problem with my brave publishers account…
was connected to uphold
I manually disconnected
and when reconnecting this happens
I am on the list of Supported regions

how to fix that?


@SaltyBanana please have a look ?

Same problem here. By any chance, have you reverified your Uphold account ? Or verified it on a different computer and merged your rewards ?

It may be a temporary problem accessing Uphold.
Are you able to open your Uphold account separately?

As a start I would recommend to clean the browser cache and restart. Then waiting few hours and retry again.

Many people have a problem today, developers, pay attention

Clearing the cache, closing-opening the browser does not help. Everything is fine with the Uphold wallet.

I have created that topic since I’ve been seeing this issue a lot, lately. Will update there as I learn more.

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