My cellphone was stolen and I cant sync my Brave Browser with my Uphold rewards

When I try to sync the rewards system with Uphold, the callback messagem from Brave says that I have reached my device limit. I’ve already tried a new chain sync but It keeps saying the same message as attachment.

Button link:

@fredfontes Try this:

ISSUE: Device Limit Reached
This link is for Instructions and a link to the Request form to Unlink a Device :
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Detailed Instructions with Screenshots below:
How to Remove Verified Devices (screenshots)

Additional Screenshots:
Form Screenshot (enlarged)
Rewards Internals Screenshot (enlarged)

Thanks to @Herrvader for the all screenshots!

More information:
Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

Thanks to @IanMoone for image!

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