My brave rewards vanished


I’m a new brave browser user, is there a way to sign in to the app so that my earned brave rewards can be linked to my profile. I uninstalled the brave app because my mobile was running low storage, when I reinstalled the app, my earned brave rewards vanished. I have to start again from the beginning, this is very disappointing & unpleasant. I want my brave rewards back :frowning:

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That is unfortunately not the way Brave Rewards works. Uninstalling the app will cause you to lose any/all data you have on it (including Rewards). That said, if you need to uninstall or switch devices, the best way to keep your earned BAT safe is by verifying your browser wallet with Uphold:

I understand but I’m a new user, I need minimum 25 BAT to verify my wallet. How should I keep my brave rewards safe until then?
I lost my brave rewards because of unfortunate situation, as a new user I should get a solution for this unexpected issue.

Given that a new wallet has been created already there’s nothing we can do at this time. Simply continue to earn BAT until you reach the minimum 25 then proceed to verify.

Since the campaigns started paying less bat for the ads, 25 bat is too much for a minimum :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, I’m lucky to have linked my account before the 25 bat minimum was implemented

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