Estimated pending rewards reduced over the day

I had aproximatedly 1.200something of BAT’s pending to be collected from rewards this afternoon (GMT -3). As I got home from work, this amount was reduced to 0.425 BAT

Reported from Desktop Browser rewards


i had the same anomaly occur with my latest pending balance. I had over 5 bat pending, over 100 ads viewed in FEB. My deposit in uphold was less than .5 Bat…no record of tip out or contributions from my wallet…token pumps to 70 cents and suddenly my payout is slashed by 95%?
any help would be great. 6 months of consistent use and deposits…the only thing changed is the token price…

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Same issue here. i lost 7.250 bat today


I had the exact same issue! I’m a pretty new user - has this happened before? And does Brave Support typically reply to this forum with some help?

I wrote this post expecting some kind of help or support from moderators or perhaps developers, but I had none to this moment…

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