My brave rewards are not yet into my gemini wallet

my brave rewards are not yet into my gemini wallet, but brave status post shows that gemini wallet has received payments.

what should i do?

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How much bat do you expect to receive? Maybe your wallet got flagged too.

i am expected to receive 0.52 , i will uninstall and install the brave browser again, this rewards doesnt work at all , there is always an issue, rewards are sh*t.

I also would not recommend you reinstalling because you’re going to screw yourself that way. If you ever have issues you need to reach out to staff members such as Mattches, Steeven, or SaltyBanana

i reached out to salty banana ,and i shared the necessary details too , but i didnt receive any further response

@rd123 I just checked, it looks like @SaltyBanana wasn’t here on the forums the past 2 days. Perhaps their days off and nothing yet today. Unfortunately we don’t know work schedules, if people are sick, or anything else. I do know SaltyBanana usually stays on top of people fairly well. Sorry you’re seeing a delay. At least tagged here but might throw in for @Mattches and @steeven as well in case they might suggest you message them instead. But I know at this point your account seems to be flagged, since you’re seeing ads but not getting BAT. Well, that’s if you’re still having that issue that you shared at I am not receiving any rewards from jan 7 to jan28 - #3 by rd123

If you’re earning BAT now and you’ve been told it’s sent to Gemini, then it might be that SaltyBanana had resolved things even if they didn’t message you to let you know, but that now you’re saying it’s a new issue that it’s not arrived at Gemini yet.

Can you answer, are you still seeing ads but not getting BAT? Or what’s the status on that?

i am not receiving any ads until today(i reinstalled), the bat coins which i earned from till jan28 was being sent to gemini wallet, but even that is not done.
until today, it was showing check your status, rewards are being sent to wallet, but today there was no status, and there was no coins which got into my wallet
so i uninstalled and installed the browser again, i either way lost all my BAT coins.

this happened on dec15 also, dec16-dec30 , my bat coins earned were 0.25, i was waiting for the gemini wallet to receive it, but it didnt receive any.

i am continuosly losing my BAT coins. idk why. it is not being sent to gemini wallet for twice now.

now after reinstalling, i am earning BAT coins again, idk why i got marked as flag before,
please give some tips to avoid getting flagged this time, and also please give the solution for gemini wallet to receive my earned BAT coins.

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