My Brave crashed after using VPN. How to fix it?

My brave crashed after trying to use a VPN in China. I have already removed the Clash for Windows and the VPN but my Brave browser is still crashed. I cannot even open History, Setting, and all other functions. I tried to uninstall brave and install again with the latest version but the problems are the same. How can I fix the problem and use Brave again on my computer?

@LeoKwok is this on Windows 11? Have you added any other new extensions recently?

Yes, it is Windows 11. I just have Metamask. I didn’t install any other extension before it crashed.

@LeoKwok Would you be able to go to brave://crashes and make sure to click Send Now if there’s anything not sent. If you did have to click on Send Now, close Brave and wait about 30 seconds, then open it again and go back to brave://crashes. Then copy/paste Uploaded Crash Report ID here. This will allow support and/or developers to look a bit into what’s going on.

Just to be clear, are you saying none of those ever open? Or just happens while having problems? Can you detail a bit more on what happens when you open Brave and what capabilities you have or don’t have?

In addition to the above, can you try opening in a private window? I’d like to see if the issue occurs there as well.

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When I try to open brave://crashes, it shows an error page with error code: STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH

I can’t send the crash report. I can’t open History, Setting, Extension, and all other functions after it crashes. They functioned normally before.

The same problems occurs to the private mode as well.


The problem is solved by renaming Brave.exe. Thanks

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