My BATs vanished, I want them back

Hello… As of 31 of July I had had 1,800 something BATs and after midnight they vanished… I know there’s a monthly reset and they are supposed to be shown at your balance, on the left side… But nothing appeared in 7 days.

I can’t create an Uphold or Gemini account because my country (Brazil) is no longer supported.

What should I do? Contact my lawyer? I want my money back, thank you.

A lawyer for a balance of ~75 cents $ seems like a great idea.

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Jokes aside, the estimated balance resets the 1st, but the payment process begins the 7th and it can take some days. I’d wait a bit longer before to threaten. Also is 1.800, 1,800 it’s confusing, someone could think about 1 thousand 8 hundred, nope.

It is indeed confusing and a problem.
If you’re living in a country where a comma is used as decimal separator
1.800$= 1 thousand 8 hundred and 1,800$ = 1$ and 80cents

1Billion in USA is 1 000 000 000
1Billion in most other countries is 1 000 000 000 000

I also struggle with that

My lawyer works for free, he’s a family member…

Also I didn’t got anything yet.

There’s some rewards to claim (2nd time) but if I claim them an error appears, it happened the first time, I’m not doing it again.

OK, but if you don’t claim you can’t expect to redeem anything, also this month there was a problem with the requests, now fixed giving a second claim option. I’d suggest to try another time, atleast before unleashing your pet lawyer.

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