BAT Disappeared 1.3

Hello my name is Jeremy Doolen. I’m reaching out in regards to my BAT I earned disappearing. It was roughly 1.300 BAT for the month of March. Please refund me in BAT since I have spent allot of time earning. Thank you

Every 1st of the month literally when clock goes to the 1st, there is a reset that takes the bats out. Then it will be processed so you get the correct amount. Some days later, can take up to 2 weeks, you get the amount either to your verified uphold or Gemini or to you browser balance.
I highly suggest to verify with either of the mentioned custodians. Not verified seem to lose some of the earned bats.

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Thank you for the info. I actually need the 1.3 BAT to verify my wallet lol. That’s why I’m trying to reach out.

You gotta wait. In some days you will see a banner that’s says claim. Tap that and you will get it.

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