Where did my BATs go?

Today almost 5 BATs disappeared again out of nowhere, 2 months have passed the same thing happens to me, in which I reach 4 BATs they take away my balance and it is not credited to my Uphold wallet, there are already almost 8 BATs that disappear and nobody give me answer.


I just had the same thing happen to me … what on earth is going on? … I had just over 2.000 BAT and now I’m down to 0.130 BAT? doesn’t make sense.

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Nevermind… just came back lol … Think I need to step away from my computer for a bit

@asdaxn They never return them to me, it has been 3 months that they have stolen my balance

I’m not sure if this helps … but have you messaged any community admin personally?

@asdaxn Yes, to one who calls himself MATTCHES, but never answers

Make a new post about your issue and keep it alive until you get support to help