My Bats don't go up even thought i get ads error

In Brave it says i have 1.1BAT and 0.29 USD for a few days now I used to have 0.40USD or something like that and now it is stuck in that sometimes the 0.29 goes to 0.30 but then goes to 0.29 again, im new to this and don’t know if it is a common bug or what

This is a drafts from 2 days ago as i couldn’t post anything here before xD

(This was posted in reddit… several times, but i can’t post in Brave browser or in BAT project so im leaving this here)
Now it still on 29, it went to 28 and then to 29 so im guessing is the currency BAT changing but the problem is that even thought im getting ads the ‘‘1.1BAT’’ doesn’t go up

I have been using this browser since 05 of this month and i use it A LOT my stats are

65k ads blocked 1.90 GB saved and 55Minutes time saved

Even thought im complaining about this, the browser is awesome! i have recomended it to everyone and around 12 are using it right now (i know because of refeals)
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