Brave Rewards stuck at 0.180 BAT

Good day,

My brave rewards have been stuck at 0.180 Bat for the past couple of months and has not moved but I’m still getting Ads.
I’ve checked all the settings and they seem fine.

It also reset a while ago for some reason.

Please if you could assist me with this I would appreciate it.

Kind Regards

Jesse Botha

Cape Town, South Africa


i’m having the same issue, my bat rewards have been stuck since the most recent update.


I have a similar problem. BAT has not transferred to my wallet since September 2020. Perhaps @steeven can help.

For the first time since collecting Brave Rewards, I am having problems. One of my computers is stuck at just a little over 6 BAT. It happened just after claiming on April 5th. With this browser i’m no longer getting any new ads, but my other computers are after clicking the claim rewards button. So, any clue why one browser is stuck and the rest aren’t? The computer in question is on Windows 10 x64 20H2 and the latest version of Brave as of 4/7/2021.

Another odd issue…All of the brave browsers on my computers under rewards settings are telling me I have differing amounts of BAT in my verified wallet. For instance, my macbook air right now says I have 10.450, one of my gaming PC’s says I have almost 30 and my main PC says something totally different all together. Oh and sometimes when I go to rewards settings it will flash a random number such as 545 BAT for a couple seconds then go to a MUCH lower number and stays there. Any help would be great!

EDIT 4/11/2021: So I did a reset in Brave, which doesn’t make the browser go back to “First Installed” settings, but stops all extensions and clears cache so you have to relog back into sites. That seemed to help in a way. It temporarily unstuck my bat and I was getting ads again, but the side effect was that it made a little over 5 BAT disappear. It went back to being stuck at 1.535 BAT so I went into the profile folder, renamed the “Default” folder to something else and let Brave create a new one so I could just start over. Ads are coming in slowly again and BAT is showing up now. It’s a shame to lose over 6 BAT with no actual help from Brave. You’d think there would be a easy solution to backup our wallets so we can store them in case of catastrophe.

I also have the same problem. My BAT Rewards are stuck since mid march, while I´m still seeing ads. Besides that, in the past two months, I wasn´t able to transfer the rewards to the wallet, since the payment day would only delay to the next month, so basically I´m stuck with the same BAT and I can´t do nothing with it. Can someone help me?

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