My BATs are deleted when I close the Brave browser

Hello! I’ve been seeing ads for several days and I’ve collected a lot of BAT, but every time I close the browser and then open a new tab the counter returns to 0, is this normal?

Thanks in advance.


Sometimes the counter change to 0 when you open a new tab but that’s only temporary it will eventually update the amount.

Are bat in your browser permanently erased? Check the “estimated pending rewards” in your rewards setting


Thanks for the reply.
When I access the rewards settings, what is seen in the screenshot appears, and this number restarts every time I open the browser again, is this normal or what is the solution? Thank you so much.

Ok, let me see if I get it. I see 0.63 bat in your pending rewards if you close the browser now, the next time you open it those 0.63 bat will disappear and become 0? If not, does that number increment when you get ads? (Push notifications/sponsored images)

Yes, this number increases but when I close the browser it returns to 0 again. I just did it and it looks like this.

@facucaldo I already told you the new tab page do not always reflect the bats immediately, share screenshot of the rewards settings

Is this what you mean? On February 5 my BATs for the month of January were credited, but I don’t know if that number makes sense for the 49 ads shown or it should be more.
However now when I access a new tab I can see the estimated number. Thanks you so much.

Unfortunately the ads are paying lower bat amounts since a month (more or less), the reasons are still unknown. So to me for 49 ads that seems ok

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