Bat Rewards Reduced automatically

I was having 0.426 bats in my Estimated pending rewards which was decreased to 0.257 BATs when i accessed my browser after an hour its just got disappeared from estimated pending reward and my watched ads history count is 96 that time.
kindly look into this issue ASAP.

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Same case with me. I had more than 0.6 BAT till yesterday night; and today when I opened my browser, I was shocked to see only 0.540. Brave is censoring out such complaints, which is very suspicious considering their shady past. I am quite sure that they stole this from me, as some form of hidden service charge. I now regret using brave. Downloaded it just because it uses relatively less RAM. Oh and by the way, I saw that they only welcome constructive criticism. I get that, but you cannot constructively criticise everyone. For example, how can I constructively criticise Brave for taking my BAT currency without even informing me about it? I mean, my common sense tells me that this act is called stealing.
Just take a look at this article too man:

Update: I got back my BAT. What about you?

The same case with me. I had more than 1.6 BAT until yesterday at 8:00 p.m. in Argentina, then around 9:00 p.m. in Argentina, my BAT counter was at 0.00. When I opened my browser this morning, I was surprised to see that only 0.7175 BAT will reach my registered account in 6 days. What happened to the other 0.8825 BATs? Where did they go? .

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