My BAT just dissapeared

Just starting today my laptop and my browser and i saw that my pending earnings just dissapeared…I had more than 6 BAT(6.150 or something like that) and now I have only 0.010 BAT.
I want to say that this happened to me last week, but the BAT come back after one or two hours… I just want to know if anyone else has this bug

Also, the same thing happened on my phone, and now I have 0.000BAT there


I also had this same issue 5 mins ago , Lost all the bat i got this week i had about 1.610 BAT and now i got 0.010 BAT left image


I have an update…Just like the last time this error encountered, the BAT came back,

So it is just a bug that takes an hour…And then all the BAT are there, like nothing happened

Ye Update from another victim , Its just a bug , it gets resolved in 3 to 4 hrs

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Same problem with me in both my PC and Android device…

My BAT rewards disappeared… Now it come to(upload://3HT1a4YFeWoJKoDQ3k1hfhcYQA0.jpeg)

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