What just happened into my earning?

Hello, to whom it may concern.

My pending bat just vanished instantly I don’t even know why? I have a record screenshot hope you can help my own issue my auto contribution is definitely OFF…

So where did it go. I have already made an account in bat community I just thought only one community for brave. Didn’t even realize yet it has another one.!

Why I cannot even upload attachments this is an emergency.!

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They are having some sort of glitch in their system. My BAT from my laptop just finally showed up to my uphold, but my android browser has lost about $5 worth of BAT. Pretty frustrating

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Hello I am facing same issue ,It just vanished my all bat and remained 4 bat in both desktop and Android ,please help me someone


Hi @DgamerZ1989 - Please see this post for an explanation - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

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Thanks for calming us a bit help looking foward to that error bug glitches have…
Thanks again sir hopefully to figure it out as soon we will waiting for that…

Hello Steven ,so what are you trying to tell that I will not now receive my earnings , because it’s more than 1 day I have got refund for desktop ,but not for the android I lost more than 10 bat ,please help I have send you the mail ,please check regarding this

Hi @Harshalpapa - please see the latest in the linked post. Thank you!!

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