BAT balance went to zero before claiming this month. Unverified, no reinstall nor restore

I had some BAT from occasionally using the browser over the last year, claimed several times since installing the browser over a year ago. I claimed this month’s earnings and since I’ve restarted my computer several times since and it still only shows what I received this month. I have signed up for an (unverified so far) wallet since. I’m pretty sure it was somewhere around 20-30 before. I’ve never tipped, auto-contributed or transferred so far. What happened to the existing BAT all of a sudden?

My Rewards history within the app is very choppy - as I use the browser sparingly, but it does show 1.250 BAT AD rewards received in Feb 2020. The rest of my history seems to not display on this page… but I had the browser installed earlier part of 2019 so that is strange.

Rewards-internals log only goes back two days. I have NOT done any of the following which I understand can cause issues:

  • uninstalled/reinstalled brave or windows
  • changed my windows user profile
  • cleared rewards internals or messed around with the wallet (i.e. did not restore)

|Brave|1.11.97 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)|
|OS|Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19041.388)|
|JavaScript|V8 8.4.371.19|


Internals/Details on request

My bat balance went to zero last month…and whenever i close and again open the app i have to signup for rewards everytime

Are you also getting “uh oh your wallet is unreachable”? I’m able to claim and tip but for some reason the main panel when you click the BAT icon always shows this error and no data.

Original issue not resolved either.

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