My account has been flagged for months, can I do anything about it?

I started using Brave almost a year ago and had ads and was earning rewards at the very very beginning, but never received a single penny in my actual account. Only a few weeks in, I stopped getting ads entirely and since then I have been unable to connect to my Gemini account, it always says my account is flagged.

Thing is I have no idea why. I suppose it’s probably because I set it up on my work computer and frequently use a VPN on there, perhaps? I tried unlinking that account entirely a few months ago but still no dice.

Go check out the FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as the answer is there.

I know how to fix this issue just create a ticket
Then DM admin your Ticket number

i have the same exactly problem
i will copy past the ticket i send using the link that the Biot left here as i did n’t get any ticket number after my submision
i m curently using 1.39.111 version of brave browser and i have almost a year than brave browser disconect me from mobile and pc, mobile reconected normaly but pc version shows wallet as flaged ,the message says it is propably false flag ( it is) and that i must wait, but this looks rediculus on my opinion, to wait for what? a year and if i m lucky the system will random recheck my account? don’t someone from the moment you flaged a wallet or account step in and look at it?"
i love brave, i really like it but this is not profesionaly, adds poped normaly you make money from me but i cant have my potyion for a random flag?
can someone look in to this please? i was waiting all that time but i can’t any more, if you can fix this common as i see problem on the forums it is ok, if not it is also ok, i can download an add blocker app and do my job with another browser, no need brave without rewards
as i see my last normal session before the flag must be from last august
it is not much that i do, only 1 to 2 bats per month so it is not about the money, i liked the whole idea of brave browser, and the rewards is the basic part of that idea even if it is worth almost nothing, i feel that i do not support that idea anymore, that i do not participate


You do get a ticket number on your email after raising a request here-

Make sure you didn’t mistyped your your email there. If you still didn’t get a ticket number, you can raise a request there again.

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