Brave Rewards account has been flagged for months

Hi! So I haven’t got any Brave ads for several months now. I stopped really thinking about it until my friend mentioned Brave to me and I started thinking about how I don’t get ads anymore. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t verified my wallet, so I went to link my account to Gemini and Brave said that my profile is flagged, which I assume it’s been for several months since I haven’t gotten an ad since maybe January.

I genuinely don’t know what could have caused this, I don’t believe that I’ve been using the browser or ad service irregularly at all. Hoping I can get some help. Thanks!

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You can send a request from shown in this post.

You are not alone… i think there’s many.
I’ve sent in a ticket exactly 1 month ago and no response in terms of resolution… i think the real resolution Brave wants users who experience such issues is to wait wait wait wait wait wait wait… sorry to say this but this is the exact UX.