Multiple Profiles Support for iOS (Multi-account support)

The Brave desktop apps already have support for multiple profiles, and each can be synced independently of one another. I propose this feature should be added to Brave iOS apps as well, allowing closer feature parity between the platforms.

This is immensely helpful when, for example, you use Brave at work and at home (as I do). When on desktop, if I need to “switch modes” for a moment to check on something in the other part of my life, I can just switch profiles and all my bookmarks, history, open tabs, and more are waiting for me. It would be helpful to be able to do this also on my iPad or iPhone.

I think many people think this same way, that we have different “identities” set up in our browsers for work and home, I would really not like to have to use a single profile for both work and home. This would also be wonderful for families where multiple people share an iPad, for each to have their own profile set up as they can on desktop.

This would be a HUGE benefit. Has anyone come across a way to do this?


Absolutely would advocate for this - makes enterprise power user function significantly easier with multiple user profiles. Thank you in advance


One of the most features I want to !!!


I lost all of my work profile data because of this. I didn’t realize the profile is basically treated as a completely different instance of the browser. As someone who works from home, this is something I really want too.

I would really love that feature. Thank you in advance

I don’t use Brave for iOS because it’s lacking this. Multiple profiles is a huge reason I use Brave on the desktop.

This feature is desperately needed. Many of us in the iOS/Apple world would like to ditch Chrome altogether, but lack of this feature is holding us back. Brave needs to introduce it now before Apple adds support for multiple profiles to Safari. At that point we will all move to Safari, and it will be too late for Brave. (Apple also has a good reputation for privacy - well deserved or not).