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If you have more than 1 device using Brave and they’re all on the same wallet, do you get 1 big reward claim or does each device make it’s own claim?

I believe it should work as you say (rewards would add up from each device and you would see total amount in wallet). However they don’t add up from my mobile devices and are updated only on computer even though i receive them on mobile devices as well. Previously i used Brave sync. Is there any idea what could be a problem and how to fix it?

@anthony9 Do you mean that you have multiple devices that are verified with the same wallet or do you literally mean they are all on the same wallet? The reason I’m asking for this clarification is that I’ve had some people who “clone” their browsers and the internal wallet. If you do that, your account can get flagged and most likely you’ll stop seeing ads OR at the very least won’t receive BAT.

But if you’re talking about each one had fresh install and you then logged in to Uphold or Gemini with each one, then they will all pay out separately to your wallet. Of course, by having been logged into Uphold or whatever during the Verify process, you’ll then be connected to them and your total balance will be shown once deposits are made.

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I have only one device verified to Uphold, and the same one recently verified to built-in Brave wallet. I also have 3 more devices which are all synced to the main one connected to the wallet. Since they are synced using Brave settings i would expect this setup is normal and i can see ads and rewards on these devices as well (I use my mobile phone quite often). But this is not the case, ads are delivered but rewards are not.

@markodimitrije Brave sync is primarily only for History and Bookmarks. Then some devices like Android and Windows are also able to sync things like Passwords. At this time, however, Sync has no affect on Brave Rewards.

But quick summary here is you earn vBAT on your browser. If you never verify/link your browser with Gemini or Uphold, then it stays vBAT and can only be used to tip content providers. It is stored locally on your device basically and it can’t communicate with other devices in terms of how much BAT you have.

Once you link it with a custodial wallet, such as Gemini or Uphold, it will convert your vBAT to BAT and send to that custodial wallet each month during the payout. And you are able to link up to 4 devices to each custodial wallet. Yet since each device has its own internal wallet and encryption code, they need to send and convert separately.

Also important to note is that if you’re not verified with a custodial wallet, then the vBAT on your device will be lost permanently if you end up uninstalling Brave, have your device damage, etc. The only time it’s safe and can communicate between multiple devices is when it is moved over to a custodial wallet.

Thanks for clarification, i thought sync is used for syncing ads and rewards as well. I am registered with Uphold for quite a while, so i guess my setup is good then.
Thank you

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@markodimitrije Brave Wallet is different than Brave Rewards, just so you know. Brave Wallet currently can’t verify with Brave Rewards. In order for them to link it like that, there’s a lot of things they’d legally be required to do and they don’t want to spend the money or other resources to do it, at least not yet.

Brave Rewards is basically like a stock market option. You can spend fiat (real world) money to purchase cryptocurrency through Wyre, can send crypto to other wallets, etc. To this point I’ve not really seen anyone happy with the current state of Brave Wallet as most of the things you have to do through it requires a lot of money for fees and all. So while we all have Brave Wallet installed as part of Brave and might have created a password for it and all, it doesn’t mean it’s a verified custodial wallet or anything. There’s a lot of changes for that in the future, but overall it’s something the average person won’t want to worry about AND you’ll want to do a LOT of research on crypto, Ethereum gas fees, etc before you ever touch it. Like someone the other day had to spend like $20 to remove $100. End of last year, another person had to spend $30 to take out $38. (so only $8 profit). There’s a lot of things to consider that influences cost and profit.

Just mentioning in case you really meant Brave Wallet. Otherwise if you just mean the internal wallet that stores vBAT, then yeah…it can’t communicate that across devices and all.

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May I ask one more? Is it good idea to transfer bat tokens from Uphold to built-in Brave wallet? Seems like I dont have that option at all at the moment (on Uphold). But if it is introduced, would it be safer to keep your bat on Uphold or in built-in wallet ?

@markodimitrije Ah, I think you might have commented as I was doing the comment above. Simple answer is that I’d say not to use Brave Wallet right now. You need to do a lot of research on it, the Ethereum Network (which it uses), etc first. Overall it is kind of meant more for investment purposes right now and you can have high fees trying to buy and send from it. If you’re just looking to keep BAT stored and eventually withdraw for money, I’d leave it on Uphold or Gemini.

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I see,
Thanks for clarification once again.

Greetings, last night I formatted my laptop and when I try to synchronize my brave with uphold it tells me that I have reached the maximum of 4 linked devices… what can I do to unlink the other devices and only have 2 devices (my laptop and smartphone)?

@gisuss8520 You’ll need to complete the Wallet unlinking request form

Also good news is they are working on removing the limit. It was stated last week they are hoping to make that change in approximately 2 months.

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Thanks for the answer, this is good news because I imagine that many are in the same situation… now, what can I do in the meantime? where do I store the BAT’s that I generate?

@gisuss8520 BAT will be stored in your browser until you’re able to verify your wallet. Rather than me repeat some stuff here, it might be beneficial for you to check out everything that was said at Brave wallet showing balance to be 0$ even after payment date - #2 by Saoiray

Some of it doesn’t apply to this, such as talk on Brave Wallet, but it will be good for you to know about.,

My apoligies i just read that if i had my Bat saved on my laptop and i just opened up a new brave browser on my android phone it wont link them so is there a way to recover them from a broken laptop that had them even though they would be in my cloud i cant get them back even though its a verified browser unified wallet ?

I have brave on my android phone and Microsoft tablet. They are both connected to the same Upload wallet individually. I never heard of “cloning.” I got my payout for my android but I’m still waiting for my tablet which I find weird. Thank you.

@anthony9 in saying cloning, we’re talking about how people will copy over files to another device. This clones all your settings and information on the Brave browser. So a lot of things will work but if you use the two devices at the same time, then it sees two identical wallets when only one should exist. So the system flags it and earnings will stop.

As you’re explaining, yours isn’t cloned. The separate payments make sense as each sends vBAT and is converted to BAT. How long it takes for that to be mined and all varies each pay period. The system still shows that Uphold payments are processing. My Desktop Rewards just finally arrived to Brave yesterday.

What I use to keep track of ads status and all is

It used to only show what ads were available in the region but they recently changed it up a bit and on the top it shows if payouts are complete. It seems Gemini and Unverified Wallets all should have arrived, but Uphold is still spinning meaning they haven’t been able to confirm it’s all good.

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@MagstersMulaMaster Are you saying your laptop had a verified wallet with Uphold or Gemini, then all the BAT you had before would be still in Uphold or Gemini. As to anything on a browser that was unverified, meaning nothing set up with Gemini or Uphold, there’s not really a way to get any of that back as they had been getting stored just on your device.

There is a way to transfer your unverified “wallet” from one device to another, but usually that’s like going from an old PC to a new one. I’m not sure if files are able to truly go over the same way when going from laptop to Android or whatever. And if the laptop is broken, I’m not sure if you’d even be able to worry about that. But if you want to see what I’m talking about, read the information shared by Chriscat, Production Manager with Brave, in the Reddit links below.

Oh, I should have mentioned though anthony9. If you’re concerned or want to follow up, try messaging either Steeven or Mattches with your Wallet ID that you can find under Wallet Info at brave://rewards-internals and let them know you haven’t received your rewards yet. They can at least try to check on things from their end at that point in case there is any delay. It might take a while to get a response, but they should eventually get to you.

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@Saoiray Hello it seems that I was facing issues while I was linking my brave browser to uphold wallet in my mobile. This is the error I’m getting

Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit

I just have brave in my windows 10 laptop and I have synced my android phone with the laptop. Please advise on what can I do resolve this