Two device two wallet

My problem isn’t that I not recive my BAT from ads, is that BAT on phone and BAT on pc are different however the two device are sync.
is it normal have two brave wallet on two device with the same account or not? How I can fix this if is wrong?


Did you verify the wallets with Uphold or just use the sync feature in Brave?

i just use the sync feature in Brave

It is normal, as each brave device has it’s own local wallet separate from all others. Sync does not sync the wallets over to each other. If they are connected thru Uphold then the Uphold balance will show across all devices. However, not the current estimated pending rewards. In addition, the Uphold balance will not increase until after the payouts are complete.


and if I connect two device with uphold, it sum my two wallet or one of them will be lost?

If you connect two devices to Uphold they will be counted as 2/4 max lifetime devices limit for Uphold. Their local balance will still stay exclusive for the device and once payouts happen like within the first two weeks of the start of every month, each device will send their estimate pending rewards to Uphold. Once the balance is in Uphold, all devices connected to Uphold will show the Uphold balance.
The two wallets will never merge. Or be lost. It stays within the browser. It’s only once payouts happen to Uphold will the Uphold balance reflect any devices BAT that were sent over after payouts are complete.

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