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I have discovered Brave browser and am thoroughly converted to it and I wished I had known about it before now.
However one thing I would like to know is can I move the search bar from near the page top to the centre of the search page? I cannot find any reference to my query in web searches and would like to know if I can do this and make Brave more than perfect for me.

Hello, @ICIT2 !

Thank you for sharing your feature request regarding the address bar position in Brave browser. I want to make sure I understand your request correctly. When you mention moving the search bar from near the page top to the center of the search page, are you referring to changing the address bar’s location in a new tab? While there aren’t any official methods to change the location of the address bar, I can suggest a couple of workarounds that might help you achieve a similar outcome.

  1. Set your preferred search engine as your homepage:
    To make your search engine easily accessible, you can set it as your homepage. Here’s how to do it:
  • Go to Settings > Appearance or visit brave://settings/appearance.
  • Enable the “Show home button” option and enter the URL of your preferred search engine.
  • Go to New Tab Page or visit brave://settings/newTab.
  • Change the “New tab page shows” option to “Homepage”.
  1. Explore homepage customization extensions:
    Another option is to use extensions that allow you to customize the look and feel of your homepage. These extensions offer various layout options and may provide the flexibility you desire in terms of moving the search bar or address bar. You can browse the extensions marketplace to find extensions that suit your preferences and provide the customization you are looking for.

Please note that while these workarounds may not directly change the position of the address bar, they can help you achieve a more personalized browsing experience with easy access to your preferred search engine.

I hope these suggestions prove useful to you. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you!

Best regards,

Thanks Swifty yes mate I would like to have it looking like the Google Chrome browser where the search bar is situated in the centre of the screen when opening a new tab. I will look at the other things you suggest too.
But so far I am still impressd at the browser that Brave is for many reasons. :grinning:

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:slight_smile: no problem at all, @ICIT2! That’s a great idea. I suggest you add the tags #brave-feature-requests and #new-feature-feedback to your post. By doing so, it will make it easier for the Brave moderators and developers to come across your request and consider implementing it in the future. Your input is valuable, and tagging your post with these specific labels will help ensure it gets the attention it deserves.:slight_smile:

Ok mate but am not sure what you mean by #brave-feature-requests and #new-feature-feedback being added to my posts. But if this is all what it needs then see the above. Please let me know if I have done the right thing.
The other thing I would like to add is the spellcheck isn’t always good at offering alternatives to misspelt words ie: I typed doen for done because I try to type too fats and the only results were doe,den oden?? so it means that one has to retrace and retye the word.

Hello Swifty mate I just received the news about what is new in Brave and then I found the dedicated Brave search engine with the search bar in the centre of the screen as it does with the Chrome search browser. Now I would switch to this version if I could add top sites to that screen burr cannot find nay way of making that happen. Any tips??
By the by I found the spellcheck system just perfect in this mode of searching.

I am having great difficulties in saving my favourite sites the new tab screen I cannot get back my old front screen favourite sites.
Any ideas on what could be going wrong as this is the first time I have had aany problems with the browser.

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