How to get the search bar in the middle of the page?

Why is it so difficult to have the search bar in the middle of the page. I don’t wish to use the search bar at the top of the page everytime. It was populated in the middle but now is gone?

Hello @kll2023, thank you for reaching us out. Have you tried the search bar is located is in the middle there and you can set that as your homepage. Have you tried looking for extensions on the chrome web store to reproduce this?

I believe we have plans to include a search widget on the NTP in the future, similar to what you see in Private browsing windows:


Hope this helps. Regards.

Thank you so much. Now for my silly question…how to save to my homepage / desktop?
So frustrated that I can’t seem to apply this to my desktop.

Karen Lucas

Hello again @kll2023, If on desktop you can do it by going to brave://settings/appearance and then Enter custom web address > or the desire page. Hope it resolves your concern.

Kind Regards.

Thank you, thank you soooo much!
It worked!


ps. can’t Brave be set up to accommodate this when we do the set up?

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