Moved back and forth between linux and Windows, Uphold disconnected

Briefly describe your issue: I am user of Brave and Bat for few months and connected wallet to uphold. Recently I flashed Linux Mint via USB on my PC. PC right now uses Windows, and if I want to use Linux Mint I plug in USB to do so.

So, right now when I went back to windows after using Linux for few hours. In windows, I noticed in brave browser that the uphold is disconnected which never happened to me. I think it is bcuz I used linux and for some reason uphold got disconnected. Now I had 4 slots of uphold, where I used 3 for my PC, mobile etc. So, if now I connect to uphold again, will the 4 slot be taken.

I checked with my mobile uphold section. It is connected and shows by BAT and other stuff. So, it likely did not happen with the 90 day requirement. So, the first hypothesis seems to be correct.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Version 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)

**Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)**Yes

What date did you verify your wallet? In June Last week.

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? Yes

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no) No

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)? yes

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold?? yes

If your Windows installation of Brave was already verified with Uphold, re-linking that same wallet will not take up another slot – it will use the same one.

Ok, I will re-link it. But, is there any way to prevent this from happening again. Or it should not had happen in the first place as all my Windows files and other stuff is same as before, even Brave in windows is the same except for wallet. Bcuz, I am gonna use both OS frequently.

It likely didn’t have anything to do with switching your OS (I don’t think). There are sometimes where you may just find your wallet is disconnected for an unknown reason – the system isn’t perfect. That said, it’s typically resolved by simply re-connecting your wallet.

Let me know if reconnecting works for you.

I reconnected/relinked it back. Everything is working fine now, I can see the BAT which I had.

So then for some other work, I moved back and forth between Linux and Windows. This time, the wallet stayed connected after everything I did.
It may be as you say, that it’s disconnection may have nothing to do with OS change and happened automatically for some reason. But, still quite the coincidence that it happened when I moved and back forth between different OS.

You can close this thread. Problem Solved.

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