Ios bookmark manager not working

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Description of the issue:
How does one manage/organize Brave bookmarks in ios?

Currently, I tap Bookmarks, then tap the pen to open the bookmark managing/editing function. This allows a user to rearrange the order of saved bookmarks in a single “Mobile Bookmarks” folder and create a new folder to store/file bookmarks.

However, there is no way to drag and drop bookmarks into folders within the Mobile Bookmarks folder. When you drag the bookmark over a folder
it just skips over the folder and saves below the folder.

Is this for real or is there some odd user interface I’m missing?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
Allow actual organization of bookmarks in ios.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.31.1 (

Mobile Device details
ipadOS 14.8

Additional Information:

To reorder you have to edit the folder and change the location there

Drag and drop is only for reordering bookmarks or folders at the same level.

Thanks for your reply.

However, all of my bookmarks and folders fall under the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder/level.

How do I move a book marked url from this “Mobile Bookmarks” folder into a sub-folder to better organize my bookmarks?

The only options available on ios are: 1) create a new folder or 2) the pencil/edit button.

Since I don’t want to create a new folder, the only option to reorganize any saved bookmarks seems to be the pencil/edit button.

In Safari, for example, clicking the edit button allows a user to drag their individual bookmarks into previously created sub-folders. However, this does not work with Brave.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to move a saved bookmark from my “Mobile Bookmarks” folder into a sub-folder.

Sorry, but I can’t figure out what I am missing here.

Thanks again for your help.

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