Move bookmark icon from left to right side

My other bookmark icon, which used to appear on the right side, has suddenly shifted to the left hand side on the bookmark bar. Is there a way to revert it back to the right hand side.

Thank you.

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another update and another bug… cant you update brave without annoying changes? fix it please as soon as possible!

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Every update seems to introduce more issues. Sync stopped working (at least for me) a while back and now this pointless move of the “Other Bookmarks” folder. I’m experimenting with Firefox.

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Absolutely right, and the fact that they are not even making an attempt to make amends, makes it worse. This browser had a lot of promise, but with time its fizzling down to just any other ordinary browser, which is past its best.

For everyone here:

  1. The change to the Other bookmarks option was made specifically so that Sync would be smoother and with less errors.
  2. We’re already in talks about workaround solutions to give users something similar to the way Other boomkarks used to function without sacrificing the Sync benefits we gained by making the change.

We appreciate all your feedback and continued patience.

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A MONTH and TWO Updates later, its still the same, i.e the other bookmarks still appears on the left side. Are you guys even serious about the problems of your users, Seems to me more like an attempt to get us used to this nonsensical change.

Please, bookmarks folder pinned to the right side. This is beyond annoying at this point.

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