Mouseover Does Not Work

Description of the issue:
On any other browser I can use my S Pen as a mouse and activate drop down menus, start video previews, show tooltips, and carry out other mouseover events by hovering over them with the pointer. On Brave absolutely none of this works.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Use the S Pen on a Note device to hover over a drop down list, a video that starts a preview upon mouseover, or any other mouseover trigger.

Expected result:
The mouseover event should be triggered. There is a pointer, effectively a mouse cursor, on the web page acting as a mouse. Every other browser recognizes the S Pen pointer as a mouse.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 11

Additional Information:

Hello @Wiggly

not sure if that would make differeance but could you try to disable shield and see if it help

No, it doesn’t help.

let me ask someone from the team to check this @michal

and have a nice day both of you

I’m an iOS developer, can’t help with Android stuff, sorry :smiley:

ops sorry @michal

could you help us on that @Mattches

Brave seems to be attributing mouseover action to physically touching the screen rather than hovering with a stylus like it should. It leaves the last place you touched, including when you scroll the page, as the point to activate mouseover.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to ping a couple devs about this because afaik that should work as you describe. In the meantime, I’m curious to see if it works when Fingerprinting is disabled. Settings --> Privacy & Security --> Fingerprinting (note that you can enable this again after testing).

@Mattches There is only a “fingerprinting protection” setting which I had enabled. Disabling it didn’t change anything.

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Thank you for confirming. I’ll reply here as soon as I have more information.


Your fingerprinting setting suggestion revealed another bug. Toggling that off and then back on has changed the fingerprinting shield setting for every website from standard to strict. Disabling the setting changes the shield version to off and enabling it sets it to strict rather than standard. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get it back to standard by default so websites are often just broken now unless I manually change the shield fingerprinting setting to standard for each site.

I feel like this issue is large enough to warrant its own thread perhaps.

Hmm – I can’t reproduce that last bit. When you change any Shields settings via the Shields panel for any site, it should only persist for that site. If I visit, tap on the Shields icon in the address bar and change FPP option to Strict, then visit, open the Shields panel again and observe the FPP setting, it’s set to Standard.

So you should have the setting checked in Settings --> Privacy and Security --> Fingerprinting Protection which makes the option becomes available in the Shields panel (at default Standard) and be able to adjust the level on a per-site basis.


No, you misunderstood. When you change it in settings it changes it in the shields. The option in shields doesn’t disappear, it gets set to off. You have to refresh a page to see that the shield setting changed. Do this:

  1. On any site, view the fingerprinting shield setting.
  2. Go into settings, under privacy and security, and uncheck fingerprinting protection.
  3. Close the settings and refresh the page. Check the shield setting for fingerprinting. It’s now off.
  4. Repeat step 2 but this time turn the setting back on.
  5. Repeat step 3. Don’t forget to refresh. Now the fingerprinting protection in shields is strict.

And from that point onward every site you visit will also have its shield fingerprinting protection set to strict. If you manually set a site’s shield setting for fingerprinting then it won’t change.

Well there certainly is something strange going on here. On my end, I’m unable to turn Fingerprinting protection off at all. Unchecking it in Settings --> Privacy and Security doesn’t do anything. I tried refreshing the page as well as closing/relaunching the browser.

Thank you for bringing this up – give me some time to confirm the expected behavior here and check on your original mouseover issue as well.

That’s because you’ve pressed an option in the shield settings manually. For some reason that makes it so that turning it off or on in privacy and security settings doesn’t change it for that site in shields anymore. But if you visit a new website or a website where you haven’t manually set an option in shield settings then you’ll see what I described above. They’re all set to strict now. I’ll record a short video. The only way to set it to standard is if I do it myself for each site now because it now defaults to strict.


The default is standard. But it’s changed to strict once you change the setting via settings. If you change it manually in shields then toggling it in settings is ignored. Took a while to find a place to upload this, sorry about that. The 4MB limit is too small.

In the video you see what I’m talking about. For this reason I could only record this once for that site, since after that the changes don’t apply anymore because I manually selected the “standard” option in shields.

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Thank you – I’m bringing this information to the team and appreciate your reporting.

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No change in 1.23.74. Also bumping to keep the topic from closing.

No change on 1.24.84.

No change in 1.24.85.