Video Previews Are Broken

Description of the issue:
In the versions of Brave after the update that fixed the download issue (there have been two now) video previews no longer work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to and, if not already, switch to desktop view mode.
  2. Search for something. Doesn’t matter what.
  3. Long press on one of the results until the interaction menu pops up (open in new tab, etc options). Then press the back button to close it.

Expected result:
A video preview should play exactly the same as it would if you mouseover a result in the desktop browser. Now it just doesn’t. I tested with Firefox mobile and it works fine on Firefox.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 10.

Additional Information:
That function should work on any website with mouseover video previews, not just Bing. It’s not working anywhere anymore.

Can you try requesting for the mobile site > swiping left on a video. Does preview come up then?

That’s not the same thing. That loads and plays a file that you can seek and pause. What it does in desktop mode is it animates the thumbnail when it’s long pressed (mouseover) which no longer works.

This is what I’m getting (from each searched item); Searching for 'Covid"

What should I be looking out for?

You’re supposed to press the back button to close that, and then the preview plays on the thumbnail. It used to work just fine.


Here is a recording of how video previews behave on Brave vs how they behave on Firefox. They used to work on Brave and now they do not. The update 1.5.131 I just installed did not fix it.

Edit: The search query is “cat” on Bing video if you’re wondering.

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thank you, yes I’ve been having the same problem.

Comparing Brave and Chrome on Android, I’m getting the same results here

So does that mean you’ve reproduced the issue?

I can confirm I’m getting the same behavior. I don’t get the same problem in Chrome. Brave version 1.7.102, Android 10.

Testing between Chrome mobile and Brave mobile.


Also tested in

I got the same result

Same issue. Any fix yet?? Previews not working on any video site. Works fine on chrome

No. I’ve uploaded a video of the issue and explained why those previews you’re mentioning there are not the same thing.

Regardless, the latest update seems to have fixed this issue.

Edit: Nevermind it’s only fixed on some websites. But it seems to be fixed on the websites I actually use it on.

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