Can't copy, paste, etc

Brand new to Brave. Installed on my Nvidia Shield Android TV box. I use an air mouse to get along with mobile apps. Immediately ran into problem of not being able to long-click in any text field in a web page to bring-up the standard Android contextual menu to copy, paste, select all, etc… I can get that menu to come-up when clicking in the address bar; just not in any text field in a web page body proper. This is a complete deal-breaker for me to be able to use Brave!

Brave 1.57.53
Nvidia Shield TV (2017) 8.2.3
Android TV OS 9

@yepper Just an FYI: Brave hasn’t been made for Android TV or anything. It’s just for tablet and phone. You had to sideload in order to get it, right?

I’m not sure that they’ll have any support for you since you’re trying to use it on something it’s not officially available. When you use things on stuff it’s not designed for, there’s chances of problems.

To repeat, I use an air mouse to make all the umpteen other mobile apps I’ve had on my Shield for years work just fine under Android TV OS. Brave is the first app that doesn’t respond to mouse click operations the same way it would on a phone or tablet to a tap, long-tap, or drag. I’d say that Brave is doing something dubious… Guess I’m just out of luck.

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