Release 1.44.101 Feedback

First a heads up. I use my own backgrounds. After the update, all my profiles lost my customized background image and reset to Brave default images. Easy enough to change back but is an annoyance factor. Could this sort of thing be avoided in the future or at least caught somehow during testing so that it can be corrected before release?

Things I really like in the new release:

  • Added reading list. (#17959 )
    Love, love, love this one! Now I can stop cluttering my screen with open tabs for all the news articles I plan to read later! Thank-you

  • Added “Tab hover mode” configuration options under brave://settings/appearance. (#9906)
    Love, love, love this one too. Thank-you!

  • Moved “Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar” to be displayed under brave://settings/rewards. (#24204)
    Definitely makes more sense to me to have it here.


Re-added is more accurate here given it is a Chrome feature Brave removed for no valid reason.

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