More in depth customization of the home page

I think the homepage is very lackluster.
IMO Brave would benefit from allowing users to customize their experience with it!
I made a graphic to provide some examples!!

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Okay, so the layer blend on the clock didnt save because I merged layers like a dummy lol, you get the point tho!

Hello @KreJaxx_YT, thank you for reaching us out. If you have a suggestion or feature you’d like to see implemented in the browser, please leave us a Feature request on our Community website.


Is this not the community website?

Yes, this is the community website. But more specifically this is the link to submit a feature request

Well, unfortunately this is not made clear, and I already spent time typing it once. If you or your organization choose to ignore it on the grrounds that i didnt "pUt iT iN tHe RiGhT bOx, instead of moving it, like the good hard working employee you are.
zxpecting non-employees to perform any kind of work, for free… Isn’t something I’m Interested in supporting.
The moment I notice a corporation make any kind of move that a person could identify as malicious, predatory, or opportunistic, I typically sever ties.

Hello again @KreJaxx_YT, I just changed this to Brave feature request category. Now users can vote your request. Regards.

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